From Performers to Spectators: Covid 19-NYC is a docu-series set as a time capsule of inspiring performing artists during the closure of public arts venues when coronavirus struck their careers and lives. A tribute to adaptability in a pandemic by relentlessly pursuing and realizing passions. Airing on PBS All Arts


Bronx Film Wednesdays is a 90 minute monthly series featuring independent films and interviews with their directors and cast. Bronx Film Wednesdays is produced by Melisa Ramos in collaboration with Pregones Theater/ PRTT and Bronxnet, hosted by Sonyi Lopez.

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Un Corto Instante

Duration: Half Hour

Description: 'Cortos Para Largo' is s Spanish speaking show that features the best short films in America and around the world.

Duration: 90 sec

Description: 'Un Corto Instante' is s Spanish speaking segment that features the best micro short films in America and around the world.

Cortos Para Largo